How to order?

Q: How do purchase my order on the site?


Step 1
Click  on the products you wish to purchase.


Step 2
Continue Shopping if you would like to add other products into the cart.
Click “Checkout” to proceed make payment for the products.


Step 3
You'll reach "Checkout" page where you need to log in your account using your Username and Password.
If you don't have an account created yet, you need to register an account before you proceed your payment.


Step 4
If you have created an account before, the system will automatically show your shipping details.
If you are first time log in, you'll need to fill in the information.

Please double check and confirm your shipping details (Name, Phone Number and Shipping Address).

*If your delivery and billing addresses are the same, click  .

*If you are going to have a different delivery and billing addresses, please "untick" My delivery and billing addresses are the same, click  and fill in "Delivery Details".


Step 5
Next, you'll reach "Delivery Method" , all order Flat Rate.
- West Malaysia (RM7)
- East Malaysia (RM10)


Step 6
You'll need to choose payment method then click  to proceed make payment.


Step 7
Click  to complete the your order.